Backlash Rules.

1: Ask for our firearms, and we will give you bullets at high velocities.
2: Ask for our freedoms, and we will give you rebellion.
3: Ask for our homes, and we will take yours.
4: Ask for our ideas, and we will give you facts and logic.

I wrote these tonight, because someone asked if I was a member of the Tea Party.  I am not.  I think they have some good ideas. I also think that most of them are only against taxes and big Government, and not actually in favor of anything.

Those who seek to tear down an edifice without any idea of the consequences are fools, and ignorant as well.

Tea Party Militia

Tea Party militias in Oklahoma

What is next? Republican and Democratic Militias, most likely.  Followed shortly by civil war of course.

Is it just that none of them think the others will stand for their beliefs?

Or are they all just itching for a war?

If only it were true... "U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program"

In an effort to reduce wasteful spending and eliminate non-vital federal services, the U.S. government announced plans this week to cut its long-standing senator program, a move it says will help save more than $300 billion each year.
If only it were true.  Career Politicians are the bane of free peoples.

The framers of our Constitution envisioned a representative government.

Representative -adj. 5.serving to represent; representing. 6.standing or acting for another or others. 7.made up of representatives: a representative assembly.8.of or pertaining to a system of governance by chosen representatives, usually elected from among a large group: representative government. 9.exemplifying a group or kind; typical:
What we have is currently more of an oligarchy, run by career politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

The primary requirement to run government in the last hundred years or is the desire to do so, followed closely by the ability to get other people to vote for you.  There is absolutely no requirement by the people that their government actually govern well, as seen by the fact that the US Government can not manage to effectively govern themselves, manage government finances, or promote the general welfare.

When we have a group of politicians and bureaucrats who actually understand what the average person lives like, then perhaps a representative democracy will work.  Until then, toss the bastards out, or bring it down.

Throw the Bastards Out

I have a proposal for your consideration.

Let us assume for the moment that the major problem in America is that the majority of Elected Officials do not represent the majority view of anything but career politicians.

If this is so, the simple answer is to replace our current crop of career politicians with actual citizens.  Put a one-term limit on politicians.  Or even simpler, always vote against the incumbent.

Throw the bastards out, and bring in fresh blood. Let our decisions be made by people who actually have careers, and a vested interest in returning to private life, their families, and in making decisions that reflect the desires of the populace.

The Tyranny of Healthcare Reform

     The new Healthcare Reform Bill includes all sorts of changes to the way the process of acquiring health insurance works.  There are subsidies for low-income people, changes to Medicaid and Medicate, and taxes on indoor tanning services, among others.

     Of course, it is rarely mentioned that if you should decide that you personally do not desire healthcare insurance, the Government, through the machinations of the IRS, will fine you. Should you refuse to pay the fine, you could be labeled a Tax Evader, subject to a maximum penalty of $25,000 and 1 year in prison. This is a Federal Felony, and as such, a conviction will deprive you of the right to vote and to bear arms. The White House claims this is a fee, not a tax, but as mentioned above, the enforcement policy is mandated to be carried out by the IRS.

     As another example of political double speak, our Politicians have stated that there is not a requirement for employers to provide health insurance for employees. Yet there is a provision that any employer with more than 50 employees who does not provide insurance will be fined. This fine is only applied if at least one of those employees receives Federal subsidies for the coverage that the law requires them to have, which most will.  In that case, the employer is fined up to $2000 for every employee, even if only a single employee receives the Federal funding.

     Pagans and Rebels alike, please, realize that this is just another step on the road toward a society where every facet of your life is government regulated. Watch the skies.