The Tyranny of Healthcare Reform

     The new Healthcare Reform Bill includes all sorts of changes to the way the process of acquiring health insurance works.  There are subsidies for low-income people, changes to Medicaid and Medicate, and taxes on indoor tanning services, among others.

     Of course, it is rarely mentioned that if you should decide that you personally do not desire healthcare insurance, the Government, through the machinations of the IRS, will fine you. Should you refuse to pay the fine, you could be labeled a Tax Evader, subject to a maximum penalty of $25,000 and 1 year in prison. This is a Federal Felony, and as such, a conviction will deprive you of the right to vote and to bear arms. The White House claims this is a fee, not a tax, but as mentioned above, the enforcement policy is mandated to be carried out by the IRS.

     As another example of political double speak, our Politicians have stated that there is not a requirement for employers to provide health insurance for employees. Yet there is a provision that any employer with more than 50 employees who does not provide insurance will be fined. This fine is only applied if at least one of those employees receives Federal subsidies for the coverage that the law requires them to have, which most will.  In that case, the employer is fined up to $2000 for every employee, even if only a single employee receives the Federal funding.

     Pagans and Rebels alike, please, realize that this is just another step on the road toward a society where every facet of your life is government regulated. Watch the skies.

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