Disturbing Trend and Agents Provocateur

I've noticed a trend lately, and it worries me.

On lots of our blogs, I'm seeing comments along the lines of "if the liberals do X I'll show up and kill them."

I really hope this is nothing but the works of federal agents provocateur trying to get our movement to discredit itself.

True freedom is possible, yet it will not come if we start the bloodshed.

It will require an overt, unmistakable hostile act from the left to justify our shedding blood in the name of Liberty.

If we fire the first shot, we lose.  It is that simple.

We must come in peace.  It should be the peace of Gen. Mattis perhaps,
I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.
Just remember, friends, gun-rights activists, IIIpers, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists, we cannot start this fight.  We can end it, but if we start it, we lose.


  1. It would seem that we think somewhat alike - id est, that more and more agents provocateur are rearing their heads on the blogs, and perhaps the Kerodin fellow is one of them. ( Remember his castigating Mike for not having a shootout to the death when stopped by the cops in an obvious setup?)
    Anyway - I commented over at Sipsey, within a few minutes of your own note, from whence I followed your name/URL and ended up here.
    Keep up the good work and stay strong and true.

  2. I prefer not to name names, but I will say that Kerodin is not actually who I was originally referring to. He definitely seems to fit the profile though.

    There are several other commenters on Sipsey Street who tend to post comments that say little other than "I'll show up and kill a few."

  3. Good post here. I recognize what you're saying, and it is a reality to be sure.

    I think Kerodin speaks primarily in a semi-sorta prophetic sense, as someone else pointed out. Many of his comments are taken out of context, however, IMO. His views on violence are clearly posted on his blog, btw.

    Another danger here is that we tear ourselves apart on witch hunts for "Agents-Provocateur"...hey, wait, those initials are AP, same as mine...maybe I'm one...


    I have no doubt they will come, and do their work and damage to the unwary and careless.

    This whole kerfluffle has been rather...interesting, considering what I said that ended up sparking it. I thought it was a pretty simple matter. Sigh.

    Be safe.



  4. Agreed, it does seem all over-hyped.

    I don't live my life in paranoia. My main fear is that the MSM will choose to use the kind of comments we're talking about to "prove" that we are all blood-thirsty maniacs.