We are not the sheep, they are not the wolves

    “It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion”

    ---W. R. Inge

For once, I think I need to make a speech on the subject of resistance.  The left has begun to use its superb organizational abilities to intimidate libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans who don't want to play the socialist game.  See the reports here, here, and here.

We, the gun-owning, freedom-loving portions of this society are the wolves here.  The liberals can declare that firearms are evil all they wish.

We know better.

We know that a tool is just a tool, and that all that should cause fear are dangerous men. For dangerous men are able to continue harvesting sheep when the bullets run out.

When clubs with nails in them are the weapon of choice, dangerous men can still survive.  When the entitlement checks stop, where will the liberals get their organic, no hormones, grass fed beef?

The point needs to be made that if the liberals try to arm themselves, they tend to think that the solution to every problem is to throw money at it.  While they are certainly going to be able to afford the best Rock River, DPMS, and Bushmaster assault rifles, how many of them actually know how to use them?

How many gun control advocates have actually served in a combat unit? How many have trained in small unit tactics, guerrilla tactics, hasty and prepared ambushes and defenses?

Now, what percentage of their total manpower is that?

I would expect it to be very small.

On the other hand, it is mostly conservatives who volunteer to fight and risk death for this nation. Most combat veterans would be very pleased to deliver their share of bullets long before they consented to surrender their firearms in a confiscation scenario.

I have a child coming. He or she will not grow up in a world run by the like of Pelosi, Napolitano, and Reid. Either we will win, and restore this nation to its former greatness, or we will lose, and they will seem small villains compared to what will arise in a society trained to believe that it is entitled to anything it wishes.

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